A Plea to Senate Democrats

An open letter to the gang of 42


Ladies and gentlemen: I understand your need to play to your parties’ elite and your slavish devotion to the President, but your support of the executive agreement now before you must transcend politics. There are enough countries on this planet that have nuclear weapons there is no reason to add another, especially one that has shown no regard to the lives of its citizens or those of the region. Beyond the nuclear weapon aspect is the fact that Iran is an exporter of terrorism. I grant you that they have had tremendous success with what they have but this agreement will give them more money and weapons.

You must look past the claims that no better deal could be had or that it is this deal or war. Neither is true. The leadership and government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has never made any secret of its policies and they have never  acted  in accordance with international norms or laws. Iran’s raison d’etre is the exportation of the Islamic revolution is the destruction of Israel and all of western civilization

You must accept two items as articles of faith, Iran has no intention of living up to its end of the agreement and there is no intelligence service on earth that will be able to tell beyond the shadow of a doubt that Iran is cheating. We have been surprised by India, Pakistan and North Korea with their ascension into the nuclear club. Our intelligence assessment have been faulty on a number of issues and we will have no way of keeping tabs on Iran.

Congress has made a number of decisions that are based on political expediency. Some are good, some are bad, but for the bad there is always time to adjust or get a do-over. Ladies and gentlemen this is not one of those. If you get this one wrong it could mean millions die.

Please think long and hard. At the least allow open debate and let the people listen. Don’t get this wrong, the stakes are too high.

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