President Trump and What to Expect

On January 20th Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. To some he is a God send to others the spawn of the devil. For most he will be the 45th President of the United States and their lives will go on uninterrupted. Is Trump the best choice for the job, I would argue the question is irrelevant. The country chose him and he will be in office for the next four years, that’s it. Did he win the popular vote, no, but again not relevant. Most voters in a majority of states elected him and that is how the system is set up. If the votes of just one state are removed from the total, Trump wins the popular vote. Clinton won a total of 65,844,950 votes of which 7,362,496 came from California. Trump won 62,979,879 of which 3,916,209 were from California. Removing the California totals then Trump wins by 581, 212 votes. One aspect and reason for the electoral college is so one state cannot be the determining factor in the results.  Trump won and is the next President of the United States. Why then as we approach the inauguration are so many preemptively striking at the heart of democracy. I have heard so many degrading terms used to describe the President-elect  I have to wonder how a man this evil could raise up to be what he has become. Of all the names Trump has been called I find Fascist to be the most disturbing. Many people have tried to compare him to Hitler (who by the way was a National Socialist) by people that have no idea what the philosophies of a Fascist or National Socialist comprise. The facts speak to only one of the names hurled at Trump to be almost true, misogynist. Although even that is debatable since the definition of misogyny is the hatred or contempt of woman and Trumps has said he believes woman are smarter than men, and proves it by having more woman in senior management positons then other corporations.

The fact is that through all the vitriol spewed out, no one can predict what a Trump presidency will be other than different than the outgoing administration.  It will be more pragmatic and less ideological as Trump is not married to either the Democratic or Republican party. He is in fact what most Americans are, both liberal and conservative. This should give him the ability to work with both parties, but it will not. Not until the leaders of the parties understand that he is not an ideologue but a pragmatist. The fact that he won in states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio are indicators that he is more in touch with what should have been the Democratic party base then the party is. His stand on free trade puts him in opposition to the Republican party and there will be a fight. This is all good.

What we can expect to see is a shakeup of the political status quo and there will be some (figuratively) blood split.  All that can be asked is to give time for the process to begin and for the people to see though what will be a lot of noise and wait. If there is a need to oppose some actions go ahead, but wait for those actions, don’t protest what you perceive as intent, it’s not what you think. And there is the rub, you must begin to THINK ON YOUR OWN.

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