What Was On the DNC Computers?

Following revelations recently by former FBI director James Comey and Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, one question must be asked, why the Democratic National Committee would not let either the FBI or Homeland Security inspect the servers that they contend were hacked. The hacking and subsequent release of emails is the genesis of all the accusations today aimed at the president. If a person’s house is robbed and they tell the police it would be unusual, to say the least, if the police were not allowed to enter the house and investigate. The DNC instead hired an outside consultant to do the investigation and handed the results to the FBI. What is it the DNC did not want the FBI to find on its servers? More unusual is that the FBI accepted the private investigation in lieu of their own.
There is no deep conspiracy theory attached to this, or belief that the Dems intentionally did anything to confuse the issue, just a question. The best I can come up with is that the depth of the hack was not that intense and the DNC needed a diversion away from HRC’s email problems. I will be looking into this in the future so stay tuned. johnsonjeh_comeyjames09272016getty



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