It’s bad, but breath

I suppose one of the disadvantages with technology today is the vast amount of information and BS that can be put out. The world is facing a life altering crisis and needs to come together and work to be ready when its time to reemerge and resume life. Instead we are being deluged with unending conspiracies, political ideological attacks, and the usual scams.

Is COVID-19 man made or naturally occurring. We are hearing more and more that it was made in a lab in Wuhan and either accidentally released or released for testing that got out of hand. The problem is that, to my knowledge, all bioweapons, either organisms of pathogens, began as naturally occurring and then weaponized. Once released it is difficult to determine which is which. There are of course indicators such as the amount of time it can exist outside of a host, which is usually not long. The problem then is how long is usual in nature for this virus to live? If longer than expected is it weaponized or mutated for survival. In either case what is the world supposed to do? I assume we will not go to war with China if this turns out to be experiment that got out. The only thing that will happen in the future is that China will pay a diplomatic and economic price regardless.

As to the pols and pundits I ask politely to please STFU. This goes to both sides. There is no cure or vaccine currently and labs are working on it. To continually state that we have no national direction in research is of no consequence to the development of a vaccine or cure. Information is shared and different drugs are developed and tested. To try and politically control scientific research will not help and may hinder.

The latest information is the virus is less deadly then first thought. A just released study by USC and the LA County Department of Public Health showed that there are more infections and therefore the fatality rate has fallen. Across the board in the US it looks like a fatality rate of between 0.1% and 0.2%. So, it’s not as bad as we thought, but its still bad and now is not the time to test whether its time to open up the country, lets wait for more information.

All I am saying is lets just all sit back, take a breath, and wait it out a little longer. The economy will come back, and society will recover. Yes, the government needs to step in and keep businesses and people whole but not try to impose ideological changes, just work for the people

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