Is liberalism the Dark Side of the Political Force?

There has been a lot of talk about why the left keeps winning. The question is, do they? Today most people get their information from the web or cable news networks. The Newspapers, which have been in decline for years, have returned to the days of yellow journalism with sensationalized headlines and front-page reports designed to provide editorial content above actual news events. In this way the left is winning since for most people this is the quickest, easiest, and most seductive way to be “informed.” We have also seen this in our educational system. There is no doubt that in primary and elementary schools it is necessary to work on basics, the 3Rs. But what has been lost, if it was truly ever there, is teaching how to think. This should be part of middle and high school education. Lean to question what is being said and to search out information.

Recent examples of failure to think occurred in a CNN town hall meeting with President Biden. According to Biden in the town hall there was no Covid-19 vaccine before he entered office, which we know is not true. That there was no distribution plan for the vaccine, which we know is not true. He further went on to say that with his plan there will be 100 million people vaccinated in the next three months, or 1.07 million a day. Before Trump left office, they were vaccinating 1 million per day. It did not take long to figure these numbers out, just a quick check on Google. Without the education to question there is no need to look this up, it just quicker and easier to accept. The news media was no help since, as was done in the Washington Post it was dismissed as it is difficult to speak on live TV, his childhood stutter or just a typical Joe Biden Gaffe. Nothing to see here so stop looking.

Lack of civics teaching is also a problem. The drum beat from the left is continuous, the courts have found no proof of fraud in the elections. The truth is that the courts, as they historically do, have found procedural reasons not to hear the cases, mostly lack of standing by the plaintiff. The most recent headline, today, is that the Supreme Court decided against Trump. What in fact happened is what I had predicted, the case is moot since the election is over.  

What has protected us in the past is open discussions and somewhat far journalism. Today we are under the control of what could only be called propaganda. We need to toughen up and learn to think as individuals. Perhaps we need to increase the number of private schools and demand quality education from the public schools. Parents need to demand collages and universities stop denying free speech on campus. Students must be taught that they are students and not in charge. They must be given a level of freedom and liberty but must be made to understand they are not equal to professors, administrators, or their parents.

PLEASEThink what we have lost by being quiet and what we need to do to regain or liberty.

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