Pearl Harbor Dec 7th 1941, Washington DC Jan 6th 2021

Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor several investigations followed that always ended up blaming lack of intelligence for the fact that the military was not prepared. In fact several reports indicated that the Japanize intended to attack there. One in particular, the Martin-Bellinger report, issue in March of 1941 was a virtual copy of the actual Japanese plan. This along with other reports and indications fell on deaf ears since it was assume Hawaii was too far from Japan to be a target and that the Japanese forces were not capable of launching such an attack. Lack of adequate intelligence was cited as the reason the military was not prepared.

On January 6, 2021 the US Capitol building was attacked by an out of control mob attempting to stop the certification vote for Biden. The Capitol police were overwhelmed as they appeared to be totally unprepared for the assault. We now know that there was at least one FBI report that indicated violence. We also know that Speaker Pelosi had been offered re-enforcement the night before but turned the down, the House Speaker has authority over security. We also know that based on the numbers and types of people entering DC that something was likely to happen. The leader of the proud boys, Enrique Tarrio, had been stopped the day before the riot and denied access to the city. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) had told his staff to stay home and only had his Chief of Staff with him that day, citing fear of violence. Yet the Senate hearing highlighted intelligence failures for the lack of adequate protection.     

I do not mean to compare Pearl Harbor with the riot at the Capitol, but to point out how those in charge always come up with the same excuse.  Intelligence failure is the most prominent excuse in for military failure and can be used anywhere when intelligence is ignored (can you tell I am a retired intel guy).

The point I am trying to make is that it is time we stop trying to come-up with excuses and work to fix problems. One constant with past investigations into “intelligence failures” is lack of communications between responsible agencies. This includes the Pearl Harbor commission report, the Church Commision report (Vietnam), the 9/11 Commission report and now it is being set to b a problem with the Jan. 6th riot. On the front page of the Washington Post under the headline it reads “EX-SECURITY CHIEFS TESTIFY ON BREACH – Warnings missed, threat underestimated, they say.”

In the Article of Impeachment passed by the house, with no real investigation or hearing, they said the President should have known his words would cause the riot. We can now say that law enforcement should have known there was a problem coming and been better prepared. PLEASEThink about what happened and how it should have been handled. Lets hold those in leadership positions to account.

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