We have heard a lot about something called diversity, brought up again form the Golden Globe awards. The awards are voted on by the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. For many years there have been complaints about how the nominations are made and voted on. Recently it was pointed out that the studio that made ‘Emily in Paris’ treated members of the association to an all-expense paid visit to Paris and the area where the show was filmed. This is as opposed to studios taking out full page ads and putting up billboards to get their films pushed forward during Oscar time. Now, in this age of political correctness, the main complaint is lack of diversity in the voting members.

Which leads us to today’s topic, DIVERSITY. As always let us define the word. Generally, diversity means variety, having ranges of different something. When discussed in a social, business, or academic setting it means inclusion of different races, political thought, sexual orientation, gender, or ethnic backgrounds. I can agree with all of this and desire it in my life. Today however we are using the term to mean quota.

Making any group maintain a membership based on percentages of any of the above does not guarantee a better group. It may guarantee the appearance of diversity but not the desired outcome of a diverse grouping. If someone is hired based on a racial quota it would likely mean that person is only going to interact with that racial group with little chance to grow professionally.

America today has the most racially diverse population on the planet. In the past they have been segregated and that was wrong, and from a business and social growth standpoint, stupid. It has been over the years. through legislation and self-correcting, changed. Yet we are being bombarded with calls to greater diversity. We have diversified but are being pushed into quotas which will serve no one.

The reason for his hue and cry is because those calling for greater diversity are those on the left who reject diversity in political speech. The left is the least diverse group in composition and thought. If we look back on the last couple of presidential campaigns the right had the most diverse group of candidates while the left personified old and white. What we should be striving for is the ability to bring in different ideas and discuss them. Both the left and right do come to the table with different ideas but there is no discussion, just yelling and hatred.

The political leadership will not change so it is up to us to PLEASEThink about what we want and where we want to be and force the change.

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