Gun Control, border control and mind control

Enough is enough, every time there is a shooting in this country the first thing out of the mouth of the left is gun control. The problem with gun control laws is that they do not work. This country has had guns in the hands of the people since it began. There are many who say the reason we have a country is that the people were armed and took up arms against tyranny. Does this translate to the people able to take up arms to defend their freedom today, likely not. Regardless of the left calling what the people possess as “Assault Rifles,” or military grade weapons it would be impossible for citizens to fight a modern military. That having been said it is unlikely, today, that they would have to. With an increase in violence, however, they may have to defend themselves and their community.  The problem is not with guns but with the increase in violence which is a threat to our communities.

The problem to be address then, is why have we become a more violent society? What has happened to remove the restrictions on violence that have held us together. There have been violent episodes in the past, the Jim Crow south or during prohibition. There were in fact understood reasons for these, not good or justifiable reasons, but reasons none the less. Today the violence seems to be mindless such as Atlanta or Denver.

So, the question to be asked of the political leadership is why are you not trying to address the rea; problem. Its because it is so much easier to scream gun control then then to address a problem that you may in fact be a contributor.

This now goes to the question of border control. This is a country of immigrants. Including my grandparents and my mother-in-law. The question is not how to close the border but how to effectively allow people to immigrate. While the left seems to think that we must allow anyone to enter who reaches the border they do not consider the ramifications of doing so. This is especially true in a time of pandemic when we have enough trouble controlling the spread of covid-19. By allowing anyone who can reach he border to enter and then jamming those who we catch into confinement facilities we are only helping spread the virus among those who can least afford to fight it physically we then release them into the general population. We must control access while being compassionate to those who need protection and will add to the common good of America.

The constant drum beat of simplistic solutions that come from the left and picked up as truth by the mass media feed a continued downward spiral of the American culture and society. This is not a new phenomenon it is what must be called a standard technique of dictators who not only control all aspects of a country but the minds of most of the population. This must stop and the only way is for all of us to question everything that comes out of the mouths of our political leadership, both left and right. I ask that everyone PLEASETHINK when you hear something that sounds wrong, because it likely is.

By the way I will be starting a VLOG soon and hope to see you signing in.

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