My Political Philosophy and why I will Vote for Trump

To begin I do not agree with everything President Trump says or does, but that is OK. In my opinion, it is not necessary to walk in lock step with another person or party. In general terms I am conservative, which to me means a belief in limited government, but can turn liberal in given cases, meaning the government must step in when needed to protect the individual.

To my mind Trump has maintained the basic tenets of conservativism. Book publisher Henry Regnery once said, “Conservatism is not a fixed and immutable body of dogma, and conservatives inherit from Burke a talent for re-expressing their convictions to fit the times.” Trump has moved to reduce the size and power of the federal government while using the power of the presidency to help the powerless and increase the standard of living for ALL.

The Democrats in general have proven to be the opposite, by demanding the world have only one set of rules and beliefs. Not all democrats hold to this but those in charge of the party and the leadership in government do. Liberals in power do consider liberalism to be a fixed and immutable body of dogma and currently reject any move to re-express their convictions to fit a changing time.

In order to provide a better life to all Trump has reduce the number of regulations on business that have allowed them to grow and along with tax changes, has both increased the number of those gainfully employed, and has allowed them to keep more of the money they earn. He has worked to help reduce the price of drugs as well as forcing hospitals to reveal their deals with drug companies. He has worked to reduce the impact of the 1994 Clinton/Biden violent crime bill whose results were mass incarceration of African Americans. Contrary to the oft stated claim he is in Putin’s pocket he gave lethal add to Ukraine to stop the Russian incursion as well as allowed attacks on Russian mercenaries in Syria and has increased the sanctions on Russia and worked to stop Russian oil and natural gas flowing to Europe. He has worked to bring back jobs that have been lost to offshoring by US companies and he has faced down foreign powers to increase US interests. His major problem is that he is a political novice and does not fully understand how government works, and this can be seen as a plus. He is forcing a major paradigm shift in how the government should see itself. He in fact would, in another time, be seen as a reformer. Unfortunately, as in the past, reformers are disliked by the establishment and will either be destroyed by it or forced to join. Since Trump is not a career politician, he will avoid both scenarios, but the question will remain will his impact on change continue past his presidency.  

Joe Biden on the other hand is a career politician who has done little to affect the quality of life for the common American in almost 50 years in government. He has shown himself to be a person that goes with party ideology while ignoring current facts in evidence. He panders to the loudest voice and gives very little in the way of solutions other than restating what was already done in the past or proposing actions that the current administration is already doing. Most of what his campaign is based on is that he is not Trump, however much of his criticism of Trump is more high lighting his own faults then any actual facts of Trumps presidency. The beliefs, and attitude of Biden is like that of many politicians of both parties, long out of date. While I do not believe that Joe Biden is a socialist he unfortunately panders to the extreme left of the democrat party and is influenced more by them then understanding the true values that most Americans.

As it was four years ago, we are left with actually only one choice. Those who say this is the fault of the system, so be it, but it is a choice we must make.

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