Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Democrat majority has removed a duly elected Member of the House from her committee seats because they think what she has said is not what the majority believe. I will start by saying I agree that her ideas are wrong and way outside the mainstream. She bought into the loony tune ideas of QAnon and let her passion and hatred of liberal ideas runaway. The fact is, however, that most if not all of what she is charged with happened prior to her being elected to the House. The people who voted for her know who she was and what she stood for but elected her anyway. Congress convened on January 3rd, 2021 and to my knowledge she has not broken house rules since then.

On January 3rd, the entire Congress took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. We are not quite a month into the new Congress and have seen them violate that oath on several occasions. Supposedly Congress can only act against a Member for activities that occurred after they have taken the office. There is a clause in the Constitution, clause 3 of Article 9, that prohibits them from passing ex post facto laws. In other words, you cannot be held accountable for actions that were legal when you did them but were later made illegal. The actions taken by the majority also violate her first amendment right to free speech. Many of the things she said were widely inappropriate but not illegal.

While the words of Greene should be seen as reprehensible, she is none the less an elected official and her constituency should not be overruled for partisan reasons. If what she has said was enough to have her removed from her committee seats, then those of the so call “squad” should lose theirs as well. Why should an anti-Semite such as IIhan Omar be allowed to sit on the Foreign Affairs committee with her well-known hatred of Israel? The other members of the squad have, as well, shown disrespect for the US, acted in violation of congressional norms, and have made more egregious remarks then did Greene. The ever-popular Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gone so far as to accuse a member of congress with trying to kill her.

Why then was Greene picked out? For one she is low hanging fruit with few supporting what she has said in he past, but more importantly she is a Trump supporter. The Democrat leadership knows it will not be able to win a conviction against President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial so this is an action they can take and show a victory.

I normally do not use the term slippery slope, as I see it usually used as a logical fallacy argument. This time however we need to keep a careful eye on Congress, before we lose what little input we have left. As I have said before, much of this stems from the philosophical differences between liberals and conservatives. Liberals always look for the collective answers while conservative tend more toward individual accountability. While Greene is responsible for her actions as an individual, she is allowed, within the law, her opinions. When the majority of one-party gangs up on her, or anyone, we see a violation of the intent of constitutional protections of minority thought, which is ensconced in Anglo-American culture and tradition. If the Democrat party wants her out, then prepare to run a better election in 2022.       

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