Today the Left will take up the coup attempt that they began last year. Last year they attempted to unseat a sitting president for no good reason other then it was an election year. I should not say for no good reason this was an agenda item from the start. In an editorial in the Washington Post, 19 minutes after he was inaugurated the Post called for Trumps impeachment. Today the Senate will begin a trial on a former president whose only consequence would be denying Trump the right to run for office again. This time the impeachment is a blatant attack on one of Americas most sacred rights, Freedom of Speech. While it may be argued that Trump carried on too long in his claims that there was voter fraud, that is his right. No where in any speech did he call for the overthrow of the government. If individuals where driven to illegal acts that is on them as individuals. This is a hard argument to make to the left since their driving philosophy is that all actions must be collective with the individual removed from the equation.   

This trial has no chance of finding Trump guilty, but it will move the thought process of many toward the left. This in and of itself is dangerous. We have spent far too long rewriting history. The left is now attempting to rewrite the culture of America.   We should demand at the least that books such as 1984 be taught in classes as well as the history of authoritarian regimes and how many lost their freedom. Learn about propaganda and misinformation and understand how the left is using mirror imaging by claiming the right is authoritarian while in fact it is the actions of the left that show this. As well as claiming that the right is moving toward dictatorship when it is the left pushing in that direction. We already see “Newspeak” being used; equality is being replaced with equity. Education is powerful but when the educational institutions are being turned to brainwashing instead of education it becomes dangerous.

Before jumping to conclusions, I ask everyone to PLEASEThink. Both left and right do some incredibly stupid things and its time for those of us who can think to keep them from destroying the country.      

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