Today we enter day four of the “trial” of President Trump. The House impeachment managers wrapped up their presentation yesterday. I do not know what the Trump defense will do today in their wrap up but it brings to mind and old Don Adams quote that goes something like “For he past hour my worthy opponent has stood before you and made a complete ass of himself, now its my turn,”  

To recap the closing arguments Donald Trump must be found guilty to stop him from running again or for anyone else to ever use violent rhetoric to rule a country. That by not immediately sending help or ordering his followers to stop he violated his oath to defend and protect the constitution. They even rebuked the concept that Trump must meet a higher standing for free speech as the President.   

The right to free speech is the conner stone that made the American dream possible. Yes, there are exceptions and inciting to riot/overthrow of the government is one of them. To say the President must meet a higher standard than the constitution is an indicator that the house managers have no respect for the constitution.  

The House managers continued to discuss in the most emotional terms what happened in the building that day and continued to call those inside Trump insurrectionist. They have however failed to connect anything Trump said to the riot. There have been reports that many there said they came because Trump called them. This is an individual interpretation of some of the rhetoric that came out of Trump. In 1170 King Henry II of England was reported to have uttered the phrase “will no one rid me of this troublesome priest.” This was interpreted by four knights to mean kill Becket the Archbishop of Canterbury. Most now conclude that Henry did not mean for this to happen and it was an expression of exasperation. Today, like in 1170, the leader’s words are interpreted by different parties to mean different things.  

One of the points the managers tried to make was that the president did not care about the riot and was more interested in blocking the vote to certify the election. Proof of this came when they entered into “evidence” a phone call made to Sen Lee’s phone for Sen Tuberville insisting that he block the Senate somehow. The problem with this is that Sen Lee stood up to say that the “evidence’ being presented was in error. Lee tried to have the whole thing struck but was told that was not allowed by Senate rules. In the end the managers allowed it to be removed as evidence saying they got it from a news report. In his close Lead House manager Rep. Jamie Raskin made a big show of how they could not question Trump and asked the defense team to provide the answers three questions in the name of Trump. This of course would violate the 5th amendment, but again constitutional protections are not important to the managers.

It must be said that the House did not prove its case and we will see how the defense does in its close.

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