I was happy to see the Trump defense team had its best day, admittedly the bar was set very low. They were brief in their close, I will be as well. The basis of the defense was, as it always has been, that there is no evidence of Trump inciting the riot. To prove their point, they played video of democrat members calling on their constituents to fight and fight hard the Trump agenda. Showing several videos of then candidate Joe Biden saying that if this were high school, he would take Trump out behind the gym and beat the crap out of him. The obvious intent was to off set the videos the House managers showing that Trump call on his followers to fight and fight hard. The Trump call was also included in the article of impeachment to say it was Trumps intent to attack the building. There was a point that the defense pointed to the lead House manager, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), and stated, he himself, in 2016 called for the election of Trump to be reversed. They then turned on the video the managers played on the first day and told the Senate the truth, it had been cut, rearranged, and manipulated.

What this and the actions of the House managers shows is that nothing in this “trial” is based on facts or evidence. This is all for political show and should end as soon as possible as the result is widely known, acquittal. The Q&A session was of no consequence as nothing was learned. There was also nothing new in Saturday’s session except for the House managers calling for witnesses and the Senate voting 55-44 to allow them. What should have ended today will now drag on. There will be little to learn from witnesses that is not already known, this just continues the tie up of the government. We know from last years show trial that the government was tied up at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic slowing government response. What will the result of this delay be? One aspect is that Gov Cuomo has just been outed as faking the number of Covid deaths in state nursing homes to keep Trump from acting or interfering. Keeping this trial going could keep Cuomo out of the press.   

After this was posted it came out there will b no witnesses just a statement for the record from Congresswoman Jaime Herrea Beutler (R-Wash.). More on this is the next post,

I will pick up on Monday and ask that you all continue to PLEASEThink, look for your own information and make up your own minds.

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