I Want to Believe the Press But…


I have watched and read everything I could find on the Washington Post’s story about the President revealing highly classified intelligence to the Russians that would compromise national security. I do believe that national security was compromised, by the news media. Based on everything that was reported it is most likely that the Presidents discussions with the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador was wholly appropriate and disclosed nothing that would harm the US, but help in assuring Russian assistance on the war against ISIS. The leaks that seemed to come from unnamed sources and the information that was released pertaining to sources and methods were more harmful than what those inside the meeting said was discussed. The only people that were in the meeting and in the know say that the premise of the story was false. There are those that are taking the denials and parsing the words to try and make it seem like a cover-up, but in the end the answer is nothing was revealed that shouldn’t have been.
The press in its reporting continues to use inflammatory wording and statements designed to cause alarm and worry. The initial stories, with no attribution, said that the president had given the Russians Highly Classified Code Word intelligence and further that the way in which he did it exposed methods and sources as well as a foreign partner. What has come out is that the president may have given the Russians some sensitive information but did not expose any partners, sources or methods. Next, we need to discuss the difference between sensitive information and Highly Classified Code Word intelligence. We don’t actually, just let it be known that there is a huge gap between the two with a lot of different intelligence classifications between the highest and lowest. Even after it is established, or at least strongly suggested, that the information passed was not that sensitive. Even then all the news outlets continue to lead their stories with, “Sources say Trump gave Russia highly classified intelligence.” As this progresses we need to keep in mind that the stories are all highly suspect and attributed to unnamed sources while the people we know were in the room are denying anything wrong occurred.
Now in another Washington Post story we are told that the president continued to try and obstruct the Russian investigation by asking two intelligence chiefs, DNI Daniel Coats and NSA Director Adm. Michael Rodgers, to help push back on the FBI investigation. Once again, the sources are unnamed current and former government officials and once again the principals have said nothing or declined to speak.
Lets not forget the infamous Comey memo that pointed to a possible attempt by the President to exert influence over any investigation into the just (then) recently fired NSA Mike Flynn. A memo read over the phone, in sections, to a reporter at the New York Times. Again, no attribution and to date no one has seen the memo. To add to the story the memo was about a meeting in February and during testimony before Congress in March Comey said there had not been any pressure from the White House.
PLEASE THINK of what is being said and use common sense and a large amount of skepticism for any story coming out of the main stream media regarding Trump. They have a great bias against the president and are showing an inability to report fairly.

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